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CRA Racing - Updated April 3, 2020

In accordance with state and local regulations and in concert with all yacht clubs and racing associations in Southern California (and beyond), CRA has decided to cancel all racing for the months of April and May. This decision was not made lightly by the CRA Board of Directors but had to be done at this time.

We will work hard to get back to racing in June, if the situation and regulations allow. The Beer Can Series will hopefully start in June, will probably include racing on July 1 and may run into August.  The Crown Cup, currently scheduled for June 6 and in partnership with Coronado Yacht Club, is still on the calendar. We will keep you all posted as things evolve.

Thank you for your support of CRA and we look forward to seeing you on the water as soon as possible!

Cortez Racing Association


CRA has an important history although it is not written down, and after 40 or so years much of that history is being lost.

We are looking for someone or some few who would like to take on the task of researching and writing CRA's history. This job could be done by anyone interested in doing so and it need not be a professional.

Perhaps you know of someone who might be interested. Perhaps you know of a student who might be able to get school credit by working on such a project. If any of you would like to do a little work on your own please consider writing down something that could be incorporated into the the larger history. Maybe a story you remember involving CRA or a remembrance you have of an important CRA member or event. If you know anyone or have stories or ideas, please contact Keith Ericson, CRA Secretary, at

If you have served on the CRA Board please tell us about the job you had and the dates and maybe even a little bit more. Likewise if you volunteered on some special committee please tell us about that. Please pass this on to former CRA members you may know so we can go far back and get the stories from the beginning.

Keith Ericson, CRA Secretary, at, is coordinating this project so he is the one to contact if you have thoughts on how we can write down CRA’s History.